Most People Selling Real Estate Start
With Things Like This

  • Calling A Real Estate Agent

  • Listing It On Craigslist Or Facebook

  • Sending An Email To A Buyers List

  • Listing It For Sale By Owner

  • Paying Virtual Assistants To Do Mailers

  • Procrastinating As They Have No Idea
    Where To Start!

Want To Connect With Buyers In An Instant?

The neighbors of your land or house are the first people to sell your property to. Selling real estate to them is easy - because they know the area and they often are your best prospects to retain control of their neighborhood!

Let us help you to connect with buyers through effective neighbor letters. Fast.

How does 60 seconds sound? Yes, we will prepare your data, get your mail merge done and send your letters out for you, all in around 60 seconds.

No more virtual assistants, mail merging, or dealing with mail houses for small batches.

We’ve done it all for you! Just wait for your neighbors to call!

Find Neighbors And
Cash Buyers Now!

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Top 5 Reasons Why Neighbor Letters Will Help Your Business

Why Use Our Customized 'Neighbor Letter' Solution?

How might you sell your property fast by making more people aware of it? Yes, you can put up a sign and advertise online, but we all know that it takes time and effort to do that and the results can vary on selling your property fast.

That’s because the ‘old way’ is what everyone else is doing. Neighbor Letters will ensure you stand out:

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Find Neighbors And
Cash Buyers Now!

View Your Lender Grade Property Valuation

  • 1

    People who already own real estate in the neighborhood don’t need much convincing about the fabulousness of the area. After all, they already bought real estate in the same area, right? When selling land fast, sending a neighbor letter is your best prospects!

  • 2

    Mailing a personal letter ensures you get noticed. Because not every seller sends neighbor letters, the neighbors will realize that you are sending letters to all the neighborhood and will motivate them to buy your land, so they can remain in control of who builds or changes their area.

  • 3

    Even if the neighbor isn’t interested in purchasing your land, they may know someone who is and can connect with buyers for you. If they have a full colour flyer, they can easily hand it to a friend or relative who you can sell your property fast to!

  • 4

    A letter gives the neighbors a kind of “heads up” that they should expect to see people inspecting your land. They become less suspicious about unusual people in the neighborhood. This reduces the chance that they will disturb buyers, causing buyers to feel unwelcome.

  • 5

    The neighbors are keen to know what’s happening in their area. With a well-crafted neighbor letter, you can sell your house fast or gain high interest in your land for sale with our customized 'neighbor letter' solution. Save time, avoid fees, and connect with local cash buyers before other sellers do!

In A Lot Of Cases, A Neighbor Would Love To Buy The Land Or House Next-door To Them If They Were Only Given The Opportunity To Make You An Exclusive Offer!

Find Neighbors And Cash Buyers Now!

View Your Lender Grade Property Valuation

What Will You Get By Using Neighbor Letters?

Connect With Buyers and Sell your Property Fast!

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    No Wasted Time

    Stop wasting time searching the country records or trawling through maps. We have done it for you, and you will see your prospects in an instant.

  • neighbor letter

    No data-formatting

    No wasted resources or frustrations on formatting neighbor letter data. We do this all for you.

  • selling real estate

    No Mail Merging

    No need for a Virtual Assistant (or you!) to mess around with mail merge settings. We merge and produce neighbor letters in an instant!

  • real estate sales

    Quality Letters

    Stand out from your competition by utilizing our best-performing letters. We use tried and tested scripting that works.

  • selling my property fast

    No Reliance on VA’s

    You don’t need to rely on any virtual assistants or outside resources. Outsource your solution to us!

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    Faster Sales

    Reach Cash Buyers, Neighbors, and interested people in an instant, even before you advertise anywhere else!

  • fsbo

    Faster Mailing

    Large or small-batch mailings are queued instantly to be sent, and that means the neighbors will see it sooner.

  • for sale by owner


    We’re giving you the ultimate tool that will give you everything you need to send the most-convincing letter to your neighbors.

  • for for sale by owner


    You don’t even have to think! If you have the property to sell fast, we have the tools for you. Just fill in your details, and you’re good to send. Easy!

How Does Neighbor Letters Work?

7 Simple Steps to Sell Your Property Fast:

homes for for sale by owner
  • houses near me for sale by owner

    Find The Property

    Search the address of the property you want to sell fast.

  • for sale by owner homes near me

    Confirm Property

    Confirm the exact location of the property.

  • sell my house fast

    View Counts

    See all neighbors on the boundary, within a block or subdivision

  • selling property

    Choose Your Counts

    Easily pick who you want to mail to in one click

  • sell your property

    Choose Your Letters

    Pick Cash Buyer, Seller Finance or Customize

  • sell my property

    Add Your Details

    Add your property price, market value, and seller finance options

  • neighbor letter

    Click To Send!

    We process professional full-color letters and flyers. All done for you!

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    Our Guarantee: We guarantee to save you time, money, resources, and stress as you can send to all neighbors and cash buyers in under 60 seconds! We will do everything for you to send the most-effective sales letters to the neighbors of your property so you can sell your land or house fast!
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    Great prospects start with people who live or invest in the area. You don’t need to convince them, you just need to give them a great offer to sell your property fast. Stand out, be seen, and get your property into the market quickly and easily with effective Neighbor Letters and Cash Buyer Letters.
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