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About Data

We’ve built an Enhanced Multi-Sourced, National Data Warehouse that Contains Information on More Than 150+ Million U.S. Properties with 99% Population Coverage Including:

• 116m+ Residential Property Records
• 24m+ Vacant Land Records
• 8m+ Commercial Property Records
• 2m+ Other Property Class Records

Our enhanced Multi-Sourced, National Data Warehouse contains data from all 3600 counties. Each county data refresh varies, based upon their data and record update policies. Our system tries to best align with all data changes; however, it may be out by a few weeks. You would also experience this if you completed the process manually yourself.

For cash buyers, we provide data based upon Cash Buyers multiple (not wholesale or quitclaim deals and a minimum of 2 properties purchased) purchasing behaviors over the last 24 months.

The system identifies the property from a multiple touch search and pulls the most recent owner record from the data. The same process as if you were doing the activity manually yourself. With us, it’s fully automatic, saving you a ton of time and nerves.

All properties have a GEOCode, and our system uses multiple search methods to identify the exact location of the subject property:

• Using the Street Number and Address
• Using the Parcel Number
• Or Manually locating and pinpointing the Property on the Map, if the above details aren’t known

Renters are not the property owners of the property, and the system only utilizes the owner data and their mailing address.

Therefore, even if the owner of the rental property next door were in another state, they would still be on your list.

To ensure we don't mail to the current owners of the property, we are removing any records with the same mailing address, and the same owner names as that of the property you have for sale.

There is an option just to buy the data. However, the system completes the entire process for you within 60 seconds, so if you’re happy to do the hard grind and spend hours and days preparing the letters, then that is your choice.

The data is yours, and we recommend you load it into your CRM, so you have a reference for all incoming calls about your property or properties for sale.

We certainly can; the data is available for you to download in your profile whenever you need it. (Better still; a feature coming soon will allow you to sync the information directly to your CRM.)

You are only leasing the data for a one time use for each campaign. For multiple campaigns, we recommend utilizing Neighbor Letters each time. Ensure you have the most recent data. Otherwise, you are at risk of using an old mailing address and change of owners, which results in wasted mailing costs.